We'd like you to get as much out of your RosieCon experience as possible, so we're offering 15% OFF all books pre-ordered fro the festival, with pick-up at Kids Ink's own table! Just visit http://www.kidsinkbooks.com/rosiecon-2019-spotlight-books and shop for the guest authors. Once you've picked your titles, head to Checkout and enter the code 15ROSIECON to apply your discount to your whole order.

*Be sure to select "Pick up at Store" under shipping, as in the "RosieCon" store. So long as the discount code's on there, we'll know to pack it up for RosieCon.

**Please don't order anything besides books by the visiting authors - we can't bring any other material into the convention.

***The coupon will expire at 12AM Saturday, March 9th. Orders placed after that will not be available for pick-up at the convention.

... and enjoy your time at the festival!

Books for sale by Kids Ink at RosieCon - Sheet1.pdf