Team Resilient Passion Project

Daily Outline

Team Resilient created this page to keep parents up to date with their child's Passion Projects. Ms. Azzolina and Mr. Wilson will continue to update students on Seesaw daily, but we thought that parents would like to see an overview of what our timeline looks like. Here is some general information followed by the schedule.

Hello Team Resilient Families,

Starting Monday, May 4th we will be starting to have students focus on a “Passion Project” or “Interest Project” to finish out the year.

  1. Students will continue to be engaged daily in DreamBox (30 minutes), Lexia (30 minutes) and Raz-Kids (optional).

  2. We may add special assignments on Seesaw related to our grade level standards. However, most of the academics will be focused on your child’s chosen Passion Project.

  3. We will continue to update parents on Dojo and students on Seesaw daily like we have been doing. might be asking...WHAT IS A PASSION PROJECT?


  1. Doing a Passion Project is NOT supposed to be an additional challenge.

  2. It is a way to tell and share about an activity you are already doing at home, would like to do, or something you would like to learn more about.

  3. Think about what is important to you and what you would like to share with us.

  4. We are focused on the process of the learner... “the thinking/ the doing/the process/the reflecting/the sharing” of their passion.

  5. The Passion Project Outline is available...see Schedule and Sample Project


  • What do you want to teach your teacher/class about?

  • What are you curious and interested about?

  • What do you want to build or create? Use your imagination.

  • What are you currently engaged in?

  • What are you passionate about or interested in?

  • What have you been doing with your time at home? Have you been working on something in particular that you would like to continue to work on and share?

  • This is your chance to show and explain how to do something.

  • It can be a personal care project if you choose.

Ideas on how to share your passions:

  • Share on Seesaw, Dojo, iMovie, Google Slide, pictures, videos, posters, create a book, be creative...think about how you would like to share your passion project at the end of the month. See Schedule and Sample Project with other ideas posted.

Ms. Azzolina/Mr. Wilson- We will be checking in on your Passion Project through Seesaw and both individual and small group Zoom meetings. Whole group discussions and questions will be held from 9:00-10:00 a.m. We can schedule individual/group meetings as needed. Also, classroom teachers, Wilson specialists, and other experts, may be individually coaching learners throughout this process to support each step of their project depending on their passion. Each learner’s project will look very different, from the topic they choose to the way they share their passions with their classmates at the end of May.


  • We would like students to share about their passion project at the end of May in our classroom Zoom meeting. For more information see (Schedule and Sample Project).

*** Students will receive a nine page document on Seesaw that can help guide their process of the Passion Project.

Passion Project Schedule & Resource List

While on quaratine Ms. Azzolina watched a television show that showed how to regrow celery using your old celery stalk. My new passion is growing vegetables! I am currently trying to grow tomatoes from seeds too!

Ms. Azzolina also enjoys spending time at Wind Lake. (A favorite passion of Ms. A's).

While on quarantine Mr. Wilson focused on designing and drawing Star Wars mazes. (The Millennium Falcon is landing on planet.) He's hoping to draw enough that he could make a book!

Mr. Wilson made this maze on four "sketch cards" that all go together! Now he just has to color them...

What are you passionate about?