Specials Online Learning Hub

Art: Ms. Johnson, Ms. Schread | PE: Mrs. Cardwell, Mrs. Dannhoff | Music: Ms. Clough, Mrs. Rohde | Tech: Mr. Kelly, Mr. Yoder

Update: New turn in method:


Please follow the link to this Google Drive for turning assignments in. Double click on the folder for the subject, then on the folder for the teacher, and then upload your assignment. Please title your file with your first and last name and your classroom teacher.

If you need help with this, please watch this video explaining the process: https://youtu.be/MwYMvEl2puM

If you are still struggling to figure out the new turn in method, no worries. Feel free to turn in your assignments on Class Dojo or by Email as well.

Note: Ms. Johnson and Ms. Schread have turn in methods on the art tab. DO NOT turn in on the drive for art. Thank you :)

Welcome to the Home Page for your Specials Content. Please check each of the tabs for their respective activities. Here is a note from your specialists:

For Music, PE, Art, and Tech we will be collaborating with the classroom teacher to have weekly activities posted on here and in Google Classroom. We will be checking dojo throughout the week if there are any questions or concerns. Documentation will look different for each of the specialists depending on the activity, but we are expecting students to have something sent to us by the end of the week. More information on that will come with each individualized lesson.