ACP Homeroom Lessons

Introduction to Career Cruising and Matchmaker Assessment

Students will learn how to access Career Cruising and about some of the program's features. They will then complete the Matchmaker Interest Inventory.

Financial aid selector

Students will learn about the different types of financial aid and why they should complete the FAFSA. They will then complete the Financial Aid Selector in Career Cruising.

Career Selector

Students will listen to Lumberjack alums speak about their careers and the paths they took to get them to their current occupations. Students will then complete the Career Selector Inventory.

Activities and Experiences

Students will document their participation in co-curricular activities, work and volunteer experiences, skills and abilities, and hobbies and interests in the Activities and Experiences section of their Career Cruising Portfolios.

Goal setting

Students will learn about SMART Goals and will set short term and long term goals. They will document their goals in their Career Cruising Portfolio.

Writing a resume

Students will learn the importance of a resume and the various components that make up a comprehensive resume. They will then use Career Cruising's Resume Builder feature to format their own resumes from information documented in their Career Cruising Portfolios.

Learning styles Inventory

Students will take the Career Cruising Learning Styles Inventory to determine which learning style best fits their abilities. They will discuss why knowing their learning style is important and how that may impact their educations.

School Selector

Students will learn about various factors that should be considered when deciding upon a potential college or university. They will complete the School Selector Inventory in Career Cruising and save school information in their Career Cruising Portfolios.

Year end reflection

Students will use the Journal feature in Career Cruising to reflect on the 2017-2018 school year.