ACP Counseling Activities

Wausau East Counselors and Career Center Coordinator facilitate a variety of Acp activities throughout the school year


Individual Senior Planning Meetings

PSAT Assessment and interpretation

Financial Aid/FAFSA presentation

Sophomore Career Cruising classroom lesson--Matchmaker and My Skills Assessment

Sophomore Planning Conferences with grade 10 students and parents


8th Grade Transition Day

8th Grade Parent Meeting

Registration Presentations for students in grades 9-11

ACT and ACT Work Keys Assessment and interpretation

Career and Academic Planning Senior Seminar


Junior Parent Meeting

Individual Junior Planning Meetings

ACT ASPIRE Assessment

FORWARD Assessment


The Wausau East Career Center is open every period during the school day. Students can receive assistance with college applications, financial aid, scholarships, and college and career exploration.

College admissions representatives are available to meet with prospective students at various times throughout the year.

Our list of scholarships is updated regularly.

Students and parents are able to request meetings with their counselors throughout the school year.