curling:  a team game rich in culture, history, etiquette and community.  Originating in Scotland several hundred years ago, curling is played on ice, using large, polished 44 pound granite stones (or "rocks") that are slid across the ice toward circles called the "house". Members of the teams use brooms to sweep the surface of the ice in the path of the stone to control its distance traveled, taking direction from the "skip" who yells for a "sweeeeep".  Basically,........ curling is Fun!

For a visual primer, enjoy the World Curling Federation's "Two-Minute Guide to Curling" animated video complete with fashionable curling attire and "movie guy" voiceover!!   

Who is Rhinelander "Hodag" Curling?:

Rhinelander Curling was formed by a few dedicated curlers with local ties and supported by Wausau Curling Club, Inc. (501c3 nonprofit) with the intent on introducing the sport of curling to the Rhinelander community.  

Incorporated as Rhinelander Curling, Inc, we operate under bylaws adopted by the Rhinelander Curling, Inc Board of Directors on July 26, 2023 and were approved as a 501c3 nonprofit charity  via letter dated Aug 8, 2023. 

Rhinelander is home to the Hodag--a mythical creature that harkens back to the logging days of the northwoods of Wisconsin.  You may hear us refer to Rhinelander Curling as "Hodag Curling" on occasion and we celebrate the Hodag as part of our logo!  

Let's Go Curling!

Next Learn2Curls:

We will see you on the ice in October!!

If you are interested in a Learn2Curl, show interest NOW by clicking the red link  HERE  to sign up for our community learn2curl mailing list.

Rhinelander Curling hosts Community Learn2Curl events to promote the sport of curling.  When you complete a Learn2Curl you are ready to join and curl in our club beginner leagues.  

Rhinelander Curling is greatful to be able to partner with the Rhinelander Ice Arena for our curling for events such as Community Learn2Curls as well as Fall, Daytime and Spring Leagues,*  and school or Scouts curling field trips.  When weather permits, we hope to include outdoor, open-air curling activities on local ice as well, for that true Scottish curling feel!

*League participation requires a Rhinelander Curling membership  

Contact Us  

General Info:


Phone/Text:  715-301-0736

DM: Facebook: @rhinelandercurlingclub 

Media Requests: CLICK HERE 

Curling Speaker Requests: CLICK HERE 


Snail Mail:  PO Box 135

                    Rhinelander, WI 54501

Our Future:

A dedicated curling ice facility is necessary to reach our future community curling program goals (see below) and as a 501c3 nonprofit, Rhinelander Curling, Inc will actively seek to partner with private and community partners and stakeholders to achieve this goal.

Our community programming goals include:  

youth and junior curling programming with paths to Olympic competition

adaptive curling: wheelchair curling with paths to Olympic competition

hodags high school curling

daytime senior curling

nightly curling leagues

host to state and national curling events

Proud Member:  Rhinelander Chamber of Commerce; Wisconsin State Curling Association, USA Curling, United States Women's Curling Association and Hodag Fan Club!