Technology Professional Development

at Waupaca School District.

iMac Spring Cleaning!

Get your iMac tidy before summer vacation! Back up your files, put it in places where you can get access to them on your other devices...

See the video to the left!

Areas to clean:

Desktop: Too many items here can slow down the performance of your iMac. Keep this area tidy, and backup items regularly to Google Drive or your network folder.

Downloads folder: Again, performance of your iMac can be hindered with too many items in the downloads folder.

Trash: Empty your trash!

Don't forget about the August 16-17 Technology training camp!

Teachers in Waupaca School District get a $50 stipend per day!

More information can be found here!

Tech Tuesday LIVE Events are over for this year... but the website is still up and running. Feel free to reach out, ask questions, re-watch videos. I'll be back up next fall with new trainings.

Don't forget our Waupaca summer Tech Camp! August 16-17.

Tech Bytes!

Super short tips that help you be more functional with your tech! Playlist below, or individual clips listed on the Tech Byte page.