WCSD Digital Learning Plan

K-4: Equitable access to iPads and Chromebooks across the three elementary schools in a variety of content areas. Instruction in and expectation of responsible use.

5-8: 1:1 in-school, assigned Chromebooks. Equitable access throughout the school day. Instruction in and expectation of responsible use.

9-12: 1:1 take-home, assigned Chromebooks. Equitable access throughout and beyond the school day. Instruction in and expectation of responsible use.

Vision of Teaching, Learning & Assessment

In order to ensure our commitment to children and excellence in education, the Waunakee Community School District establishes a learning environment that is challenging and attentive to the diverse learning needs of all students. To attain this vision:

● Learning environments will be engaging, meaningful, and inspire students to take initiative for their learning.

● Teaching, learning, and assessment will be student centered and meet individual differences and needs.

● Teaching, learning, and assessment will reflect evidence-based best practices and high expectations for all.

● Teaching, learning, and assessment will be an ongoing practice using formative and summative assessment to provide feedback to teachers, students, and parents.

● Teaching and assessment will be delivered consistently and collaboratively to provide equity and access for all students.



  • Students and staff leverage digital tools to optimize meaningful learning choices that help them to reach their full potential, regardless of their learning styles or needs.
  • Students develop the skills necessary to independently navigate and appropriately express themselves in an increasingly digitized world.
  • The Waunakee School District provides training, time, and resources so staff may better use digital tools to support their teaching and learning.


  • Teaching and learning emphasizes connections to students’ lives and interests, collaboration, authentic tasks, creative problem solving, and critical thinking in a constructive setting.
  • Students and staff respect their digital tools and use them in a responsible, balanced manner.


  • Students and staff have equitable, safe access to digital tools to find, to create, and to participate in and connect to classroom, community, and global opportunities.
  • The Waunakee School District creates and supports procedures to keep digital tools working properly and to minimize lack of access.
  • We gather input as we collaboratively decide how to adapt our digital tool offerings and procedures as our teaching and learning needs change.

Why a Focus on Equitable Access?

We believe that robust and reliable access to digital learning devices for all students empowers them to engage in their learning through inquiry, collaboration, access to online resources reflecting multiple viewpoints, and the creation and appropriate sharing of their own ideas and products. Robust, equitable, and reliable access is a cornerstone of preparing students for their future in college and/or in a career.

The Waunakee Community School District digital learning initiative builds on increasing levels of access and responsibility from elementary school through high school.