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Updated 11-21-22

Watervliet North Elementary School

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Watervliet, MI. 49098
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Carole Fetke - Principal

Desiree Davis - Building Secretary

Cathy Bingaman - Counselor


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November 21, 2022

It is Monday of a very short school week (and after a snow day) -- our kiddos have a lot of energy! Lots happening in the next few weeks:

  • Wednesday, November 23rd is a HALF DAY of school (students are dismissed at 11:25)

  • November 24/25: Thanksgiving Break

  • November 30: Early Release (Students are dismissed 12:55 pm)

  • December 3: Watervliet's Hometown Christmas Celebration: the Elementary Choir is in the parade beginning at 1:00 pm (see flyer below)

  • December 5-9: Santa Shop at North

  • December 7: Holiday Book Bingo (5:30-6:30 pm in the North School gym, see the flyer below)

The Choir is working hard, 5th grade students are excited about band, the 4th grade just finished a very successful fund raiser, and our 3rd grade students are now settled in and feeling that North is now their school! We are excited to welcome Chris Rolland to our staff as our behavior interventionist! She joined us last week and is already making a difference for our students.

Lots to be thankful for at North! As always, we are especially thankful that you share your mighty panther with us!

Mrs. Fetke

Principal, North Elementary School

Changes in your Contact Information

If you have any changes to contact or emergency contact information (emails, phone numbers, address, etc...), please contact our office or send an email to so that we can get those updated. This is very important.


        • Office Hours: 7:20 - 3:45

        • Doors Open at 7:25 for Students

        • FULL DAY SCHEDULE: 7:45 am to 2:55 pm (Office closes at 3:45 pm)

          • HALF DAY SCHEDULE: 7:45 to 11:25 am (Office closes at 12:00 pm)

          • EARLY RELEASE DAY SCHEDULE: 7:45 am to 12:55 pm (Office closes at 1:30 pm)

News from Physical education

In PE we started the year with our football unit. Students learned and improved their throwing, catching, kicking and punting skills. Students also learned the basic rules, including how to figure out down and distance while playing or watching a football game. We finished the unit by playing flag football.

Currently we are in the middle of our volleyball unit, working on the skills of underhand passing, overhand passing and serving. We have also talked about rotating in volleyball, how it works and when to do it, in preparation for the volleyball games we will be playing at the end of the unit.

News from the 3rd Grade Team

Hello Parents!

It’s hard to believe, but we are rapidly approaching the end of the 1st Trimester. Our students have learned a lot in the last two and a half months. Most importantly, they have done a great job transitioning to a new school, working with new teachers and staff members, and meeting higher expectations.

In math, we are always working toward multiplication fact mastery. Currently, our lessons revolve around learning a variety of strategies to solve addition, subtraction, and multiplication problems. In reading, we continue to learn about different genres including Historical Fiction and Poetry. Comprehension strategies include identifying the theme of a story and author’s point of view. In science, we have learned about animal life cycles. This week we began exploring animals that are rule breakers, meaning they have atypical life cycles. Lastly, in social studies, we continue to learn about our great state of Michigan. Students have learned about landforms, state symbols, and regions.

Our Original Artwork fundraiser is under way. Please make sure that you return your child’s artwork along with any orders and payment by November 14th to ensure they arrive on time for Christmas.


The Third Grade Team

News from the 4th Grade Team

Fourth grade is rocking and rolling! We have worked hard on PBIS expectations. The students are doing a great job so far. We practice expectations as needed.

So far we have completed unit one in both reading and math. In reading we are learning about animal adaptations. Math is all about multiplication. In science we are learning about landforms and water features. The three branches of government are being examined in social studies.

Our bread sale was a HUGE success! The students raised over $3,000 for our field trip in the spring! Way to go! Thank you to all who participated in this event.

(Submitted by: Mrs. Graffenius, 4th Grade Chairperson)

News from the 5th Grade Team

Things have been busy in 5th grade this month. Now that the students have gotten into the routine of a new school year and switching many times a day, we have really started working hard. In Math, we finished up Unit 1 and tested the concepts of Area and Volume. We have started Unit 2, and are really trying to master multiplication of muti-digit numbers. The students have learned many different strategies, even the traditional way many of us parents learned. We are also working on memorizing our multiplication facts, because knowing those makes everything easier!

In ELA, students wrote spooky stories to get ready for Halloween. They practiced the writing process and worked to incorporate descriptive words into their writing. Students also took their first Unit test in Reading and learned a lot about test taking strategies and how to find the trick questions in standardized tests. WIN has started in both ELA and Math. We enjoy having smaller groups and being able to focus on what each student needs.

(Submitted by: Mrs. Pline, 5th Grade Chairperson)

5th Grade BAND

A message from Mrs. Hollandsworth . . .

5th Grade Band begins the week of November 7th. Visit for more information!

News from the PBIS Team

Students at North Elementary said, “Aloha” to school the week of September 5-9 with a tropical-themed PBIS kickoff. Each class learned about a different tropical island and created a collaborative art project to represent their island as well as their classroom community. PBIS, a program designed to keep students engaged and safe at school, stands for Positive Behavior Intervention and Support. Students have been learning how to be safe, respectful, and responsible citizens. We wrapped up this week of fun and learning with an outdoor assembly featuring skits made and performed by the children. After that, we rotated through 12 community-building activities to help the students get to know each other. After a great week of building our school community and learning the behavior expectations, we are looking forward to an exciting year of learning. (Submitted by PBIS Lead Mrs. Morse)

Upcoming important dates


Drop Off for Car Riders

Parents that drive their child to school are to drop them off at the north entrance by the office on Baldwin Avenue. Parents may not park on the north side of Baldwin Avenue. Students are not allowed to cross Baldwin to load in cars. Students will be expected to follow all instructions from the designated adult who is monitoring the front parking lot. Cars should pull up 5 at a time to let students out. Students will walk directly to the sidewalk.

School Departure

Students must exit the building and be picked up as soon as possible by parents/guardians. All students must exit the building at the conclusion of the school day.

  • Students who ride the bus will exit the south entrance (gymnasium side).

  • Students that are picked up by vehicle will be coordinated by the personnel at the north entrance on Baldwin Avenue.

  • If you need to pick up your child before 2:50 p.m., please call the office by noon (the end of the school day is very busy in the office and it is difficult to change "going home" plans at that time. If you are picking up early, please make sure your child is picked up by 2:30 p.m. to avoid the end-of-day traffic line.)

PTO News


Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO)

North School has an active Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO). Its primary purposes are:

  • To promote the welfare of the children and youth in the home, school, and community.

  • To bring closer relationships between the home and the school so that parents and teachers may cooperate in the education of children.

  • To develop between educators, the general public, and youth the highest advantages in mental, physical, and social education.

  • To sponsor money-making activities, to provide special assemblies, and to purchase equipment that the school could not purchase otherwise.

  • Parents may be asked to assist with a project by donating time or specific items. North School appreciates the support of the PTO. Representatives of the PTO and information will be posted on the school website.

Car Pick Up Line Instructions


As part of our PBIS programming, we have been working with Mr. Dietz (Athletic Director) to have High School student athletes visit our playground during recess to engage in positive play with our kiddos. The reason these students have time to come to us is because they are such great students they are dual enrolled in high school and college! They are giving up some of the time they use to work on their college classes to visit us!

On Friday the 28th, these VIPs came to spend recess and our North mighty panthers loved it!!

Thank you to:

  • Tyson Williams (#2): Varsity football, basketball, and baseball

  • Wyatt Epple (top): Varsity football, basketball, and baseball

  • Sam Dietz (middle): Varsity Volleyball, basketball, and softball

  • Brady Bornas (on the slide): Varsity Soccer and basketball