Science 109

Mrs. Tyo's classes

Hello! I am a Living Environment and Chemistry teacher at WHS. This website gives students and parents access to many important materials.

The links above will take you to either my Chemistry, or Living Environment section of the website.

The curriculum page gives a brief overview of what Living Environment students will be learning about during their year with me, as well as a general timeline.

The calendar shows daily instructional/assessment plans and is updated often. Assessment (quiz or test) dates more than a week off are subject to change. Plans will also be adjusted to accommodate school cancellation and unforeseen teacher absences.

Students who are absent for an extended period of time are able to access my main instructional materials and keep up with notes.

The syllabus, which outlines classroom policies & course requirements is available for parent and student review throughout the year.

Students and parents should feel free to contact me with any concerns regarding this class either by email ( or by leaving a message for me at the office. I hope we all have a great year!

-Mrs. Tyo

WCSD - Secondary Science Teacher

(315 )785-3810