Team Citizenship

We are using this web area to post homework assignments for English, mathematics, social studies, and science . . . all in one place. We hope that having everything in one place will better help you to keep track of work due, as well as testing/assessment dates.

Click on the "Homework" link, in the top navigation, to view homework assignments by month.

We each, also, have our own classroom websites where you will find information, links, and other resources that may be helpful for that specific area of study. See below, "Contact Information."

If you are absent, you are still responsible for doing your work . Check this site for homework assignments and ask your teachers for any handouts you may need.

Contact Information

ELA: Ms. MacLean's webpage / email:

OR Mrs. Brown's webpage / email:

Mathematics: Mr. Pawlikowski's webpage / email:

Social Studies: Mr. Downey's home page / email:

Science: Mrs. Britton webpage / email:

Resource/Consultant: Mrs. Millard's Website / email:

Health Teachers:

Art Teacher: Mr. Niedermaier's page / email:

Music Teachers:

Physical Education Teachers:

Technology Education Teachers:

  • Mr. Nadelen's webpage / email:
  • Mr. Wilson's webpage / email:

Foreign Language (Spanish) Teachers: