Ms. Kimball

Knickerbocker Elementary School Counselor

As a School Counselor I provide support to students to help them become successful in their social-emotional, academic and career goals.

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Contact Information:


Phone: (315) 779-5687 *

Fax: (315) 779-5654

* I do not have access to my office phone while we are away from school, so please e-mail me or use the button above to contact me directly!

What does a School Counselor do?

For more information about what School Counselors do, check out our district's Comprehensive School Counseling Plan!

How is a student referred to the School Counselor?

  • Students can refer themselves by asking to come see me.
  • Teachers can recommend that a student come see me.
  • Parents can contact me directly with concerns about their student(s).
  • Sometimes a student may be referred to me based on discipline issues.