Mrs. Hudson

4th Grade

Knickerbocker Elementary School


I was drawn to the teaching profession because I enjoy working with children. I view teaching as a constant challenge that is seldom, if ever, boring. The realization that a teacher can introduce children to new worlds of information and open up new possibilities daily was motivation in itself for me to select teaching as a profession many years ago.

What I try to do every day in my class is be a good listener, to guide instruction rather than lecture, and be willing to use varied methodologies to foster learning. I also strongly believe in establishing and maintaining good communication with parents. This can foster a positive learning atmosphere in the classroom and can only enhance instruction.

Teaching to me is not a nine to five occupation. It is a privilege and a tremendous responsibility. I believe in placing my students as a priority during the school year and have a very supportive family who accepts the fact that my teaching is important. I would be a fool to say that I know everything there is about teaching. I am a life-long learner and want my students to become the same as well.

I do set high standards in my classroom and will not accept minimal effort from anyone including myself. If I am to expect a one hundred percent effort from my students, then it is also fair to say that my students can expect the same from their teacher. I really try to make teaching an interesting and personally rewarding experience for my students while at the same time trying to have fun with what we are doing.