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Finding Royalty-Free Music For Your Project

If you choose to use music in your video, you can't just download a popular song from the internet. Artists earn a living by licensing music for use in film, TV, and other videos. You will need to find music that is ROYALTY-FREE and LICENSED FOR FREE PUBLIC USE.

There are many websites out there that host works that are available to download and use in your videos for free. These tracks are often made available under a CREATIVE COMMONS license. Some licenses will require you to ATTRIBUTE the author in your video. See the Creative Commons website FAQ below for more info.

Creative Commons has provided links to some sites that host music that you can download and use for your videos. is a good one.

Once you find a track you like, check the license and attribution information. Sometimes you can use a sound for free without crediting the author. To avoid plagiarism, it is always best to provide sources for any media you may use in a project.

Don't forget to copy any relevant author or publisher info that you will need to cite in your video!