TouchCast Studio

TouchCast Studio is a free video production app for iPad with some great features - green screen, whiteboard, teleprompter, and the ability to easily insert photos, web pages, maps and more to your video.

TouchCast can be a little tricky - it's easy to delete footage or make permanent changes by mistake. Here's some tips to ensure success:

  • Plan, plan, plan! Make sure you have all of your assets - backgrounds, titles, scripts, pictures, videos, soundtracks, etc - ready to go before you start filming a scene. It's much easier record your scenes with assets in place than it is to add them later.
  • Any effects you add to a video while recording (green screen, titles, filters, vApps, etc) will be permanently added to the clip. You cannot change them later!

Act like there is NO UNDO BUTTON. In most cases, there isn't one.

For help with TouchCast, check out the User Guide or Tutorials.

Teachers, read more about TouchCast.

Mr. Schmidt's video tutorials are below.

Science Vids - Important Things to Remember!

  • We don't have external microphones, so you need to be close to the iPad and SPEAK LOUDLY AND CLEARLY when recording.
  • BE CAREFUL with the iPads!! There are no cases, and we won't get new ones if they break. You are responsible for the equipment!
  • Your teachers have some little iPad holders that you can use to stabilize the iPad when filming.