Cookie Cutters

Cookie Caster is a great free web app that can quickly convert images or drawings into 3D printable cookie cutters. While Cookie Caster works well, it does have some limitations - you cannot create cookie cutters that are multiple pieces or that have details inside the outline of your design (see "Find a Silhouette" below for more details.)

Take the tutorial to get a feel for how the site works.

Create your own design

Cookie Caster has basic vector drawing abilities built in. You can import a picture and manually draw lines and curves to create a cookie cutter based on your own design, or you can create something from scratch.

Use Google Drawings or any other drawing program to create your own design. You can also upload a photo or a scan of your own artwork.

Once you have created an image to work from, download it or save it to google drive, as you will need to upload the file to Cookie Caster.

Find a silhouette

Cookie Caster's magic trace feature will work best with clean, solid images. You can try any image, but your results may vary. You will have the best success with a solid, black-on-white, single outline silhouette.

Download and share your .stl file

Cookie Caster allows you to download your finished designs to your computer. The file will be in .stl format - short for stereolithography - which can then be sliced into a file that can be 3D printed.

To turn in your work to be printed:

  • click "Download 3D File"

  • click SHOW IN FOLDER to open your Downloads folder

  • press ctrl+Enter to rename your file - add YOUR NAME!

  • click, hold, and drag the file from Downloads to Google Drive

  • find the file in your drive and share it with your teacher and Mr. Schmidt!

Note: your chromebook cannot open an .stl file. Windows and Mac computers can open and preview .stl files, so your teacher will be able to see what you have created.