We are always looking for tools and materials to use in the makerspace. If you have junk lying around we can probably find some inventive way to upcycle it.

We will take, working or broken...

  • consumer electronics (radios, tape decks, game consoles, cameras...)
  • computers and parts (laptops, towers, monitors, mice...)
  • hand tools (hammers, screwdrivers...)
  • small power tools (drills, jigsaws...)
  • office supplies (binder clips, post-its...)
  • toys (LEGO, RC cars, board games...)
  • building materials (plywood, acrylic, cardboard, flooring samples, foamcore...)
  • hardware (hinges, nuts and bolts, screws...)
  • fabric and sewing supplies
  • school supplies (markers, crayons, craft supplies...)
  • craft supplies (pom poms, popsicle sticks, construction paper...)
  • and more...

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