The WMS Library has a plethora of different technology for both students and teachers to check out! Technology is for school use only, and cannot be taken home. Students must have their teacher's permission to borrow Library technology.


  • External Hard Drives- these can be used to play DVDs on your Macbook Airs.

  • Adapters (dongles)- We have adapters that can be used to connect devices to a Smartboard or a Projector. These include:

  • Macbook to Projector/Smartboard

    • Chromebook/PC to Projector/Smartboard

    • iPad to Projector/Smartboard

  • Headphones- We have several class sets available for checkout. When you return them, please make sure the headphones are in the correct bags. We also have individual pairs that students can checkout.

  • VCR/DVD Players- have a VHS you still show your classes? You can connect a VCR directly to a projector!

  • Macbooks & iPads- we have a full classroom set of macbooks, and iPads for classroom use.

  • Library iPad- we have one iPad available for teachers to borrow

  • Staff laptops- there are ten laptops available for IAs to check out, or teachers to check out for their substitute teacher when you are absent.

  • Video cameras & photo cameras- Ask Justin Schmidt for more information on checking these out.

  • Also available for use in the Library: Laminator, copier, laser printer, color printer, electric hole puncher, desktop computers, smartboard and computer in the lower level, projector and screen in the upper level