Waterloo Cycling Club

Vision: The Waterloo Cycling Club strives to create an inclusive, engaged community of cyclists, from recreational riders through elite racers, in all disciplines.

Mission: The club endeavours to create multiple opportunities at all levels for club members to participate in organized rides and events, races, and community leadership in the Waterloo Region: RIDE, RACE, LEAD.

Welcome to the new club website

If you would like to visit the old website while it is active, go to waterloocyclingclub.ca.

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Official Waterloo Cycling Club Calendar

The Waterloo Cycling Club Calendar contains both events that are scheduled as well as some that are under consideration and have not yet been finalized. Even for scheduled events, factors such as weather, interest, or other factors can lead to cancellation or rescheduling. Waterloo Cycling Club members should see our Ride with GPS club calendar to register for notifications about more up-to-date event details.

Waterloo Cycling Club on Ride with GPS

For more information on our club on Ride with GPS see Event Planner.

Unofficial Planning Calendar

In order to give everyone advance warning of events we are considering, we are sharing the following planning calendars. These are informational only. For officially scheduled events, please see Events in Ride with GPS.

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