Draw & Tell

Draw & Tell is a free app for iPads that allows students to draw a picture (or use a picture they have taken with the camera) and then record and explanation of their work. You can use this app to showcase and explain your thinking.

This app is on our classroom iPads and now on the PLTW ipads.

Our Ideas:

  • Have students draw a character from a story. Then using recording, students will describe the character. Click here to see an example!
  • Have students draw the setting of a story. Also, then have them record a description of the setting.
  • Students are doing their weekly word sorts using Draw & Tell. They write the words into the Sort and then use the recording feature to read back their word sort. Click here to see example!
  • Students write an informational piece about an animal. Thye then draw a picture of their animal to go with their story. It was very motivational for the students final step to be that they could record a reading of their informational writing with their drawing.
  • Draw & Tell also has the Zaner Bloser writing paper so Kindergarteners could use this as an alternative for writing their words and then reading their words.
  • Kindergarteners draw a picture, then to work on details, they record their voice sharing details about the picture.

Here are ideas for using it in your classroom:

  • Use for making arrays.
  • Use for fractions when explaining a fraction of a group.
  • Fact families
  • Money
  • Give kids a paper with sentences (no punctuation) and ask them to punctuate. Take a picture and explain the punctuation that was added. Or use for capitalization.
  • Pretend you are a teacher and teach someone else how to add, subtract, show place value.
  • For art: Draw the elements of design and describe (i.e. Create repetition with stamps or variety with stamps.); Create variety of lines.
  • While studying addition and subtraction, the kids could create an addition/subtraction story using stamps and the pencil tool. Then they can tell us about the story they have written.
  • In math, take pictures of a concept learned and explain.
  • Stamps would be good for showing multiplication and division.
  • In Language Arts, design then explain a story.
  • In Kindergarten – Make addition/subtraction sentences using the stamps. Use with our money unit. For penmanship, trace letters (take a picture of a worksheet).