WGSD Curriculum


Our District's Beliefs

The Waterford Graded School District professional and support staff are dedicated to educate students to be literate, thinking, and informed so that they can participate fully and responsible as citizens in our democracy. We believe that the 21st century skills include the ability to learn, to reason, to interact, to be technologically literate and to become knowledgeable within an increasingly diverse community. We have the responsibility to prepare students to meet these demands.

We believe that we must provide a range of educational experiences that emphasize active learning, where each student is actively engaged in the learning process. We want each student to view him/herself as a life-long learner.

We believe we need to teach students to take responsibility for the well-being of our environment and wise use of its resources through study, reflection, and action. The Waterford Graded School District is committed to excellence in education.

The philosophy of the Curriculum and Student Growth Department is centered on facilitating the growth of all students by providing a rigorous, viable, guaranteed and engaging curriculum.