Let's Travel in Time

For this unit, you are going to travel back in time, to a decade in the 20th century to a place of your choice in the United States of America. You will tell your story!

You will explore your specific decade by:

  • considering what you will need to pack in your suitcase to go on your travels.
  • by taking notes will at your destination in your place and time
  • reflecting on your travels once you return back to the present day.

Students will be able to answer these questions at the end of this unit:

  • How did where you live, during your decade, influence how you lived? (Geography)
  • What was happening during your time period/decade that impacted how you lived (standard of living)? (Economic)
  • How did the culture of your decade impact you and society during that time? (Culture/Behavioral Science)
  • What occurred in your time period/decade in politics and government that have an effect on us today? (Political)
  • How did events or an event from your decade influence today? (Historical)

Your mission is to integrate or be a part of the time and place of your travels. You must be like the people of that time and you may not bring or act in any way that would or could change the course of history. You must fit in and be just like the other kids of that time period and in that place.

With that said, start your preparations for your journey into another place and time and safe travels to you. We will talk with you upon your return from your travels.