Week of 10/15-10/19

Monday, we will finish up any project sharing and clarify the data we need to complete our next group project ( green planet research paper from Friday). We will start the white solar system data sheet and table using the first website listed on the links tab above. Tuesday, we will complete the Sense of Scale worksheet on page 35 in our packet, plus the top observation box on page 28 (observe a photo of a comet). Wednesday, the data collection worksheet from Monday will be completed. Thursday we will be making a smaller scale model showing relative distance. Due to the Math Counts competition on Thursday, we are moving the large solar system scale model group projects to Friday . Makeups will be impossible for this assignment.

Choose from these videos on Wednesday if you finish your data sheet and table-Brain Pop Space videos, Study Jams Science

Sense of Scale Student copy

Week of 10/8-10/10

Group research projects will be conducted on assigned planets. Students will research, create (due end of class Tuesday) and share projects Wednesday. Absent students will need to complete their own project on any planet except Earth. The requirements are listed below. Use Google slides for the presentation. I have also attached an example slideshow.

Example copy of Earth - Period 1
Planet Presentations-absent

Week of 10/1-10/5

Monday-Planetarium in the little theater (no makeup work for this activity). It was so cool! Tuesday we will be introducing gravity and inertia. This will continue on Wednesday. Absent students will need to complete the notes in the packet (page 25), the first four vocabulary words (page 22), and the focus questions (page 24). Be sure to check with Mrs. Pay to see what is completed each day. In addition, make up work will include the article and questions "Why Don't People on the Other Side Fall Off?"

There will be a test on Thursday on these two topics. Friday, students will be watching a video to support recent topics.

why don't people on the other side fall off gravity article.pdf
student Copy of Gravity and Inertia
Day 2-student Copy of Gravity and Inertia

Week of 9/24-9/28

Monday was a short day, so we did a journal and Solar System packet grade check. No makeup is needed. Tuesday is matter stations, a hands-on group activity in class. Wednesday will be an introductory lesson on matter with a slideshow and the yellow worksheet. Students can access it below. Thursday students will be watching a Crash Course for kids video called "Matter Compilation". Absent students can find it on YouTube. Watch it and complete the provided notes (white paper), as well as reading the "Why Does Matter Matter" article. Friday is an introduction to Energy day. Students will complete the blue worksheet that goes with the article from Thursday, plus complete the yellow notes (started on Monday) based on the energy slides. Students that are absent any day will also need to complete the Matter is Everywhere questions after reading the article. See Mrs. Pay for any worksheets/articles.

Student copy of Matter
Student copy of Energy

Week of 9/17-9/21

Trip Around the Sun on Monday which teaches students about equinoxes and soltices. We will be completing page 17 in Solar System packet. Monday during HR I will make up the Intro to Seasons activity from last Monday. Tuesday will focus on direct and indirect light and we will complete page 20 in packet. Consider this a review day for the quiz on Wednesday. Eclipses and Seasons will be tested on Wednesday. Thursday will be spent analyzing and graphing temperatures in two different cities in "Length of Day". If time allows, the class will discuss and complete packet page 19. Sunlight Throughout the Year is our activity for Friday. This will be a hands-on model build day. As I've mentioned, most activities are difficult to make up. Please be responsible in watching all slide shows and picking up materials.

Student copy- Phenomenon: Analemma

Moon phase predictions (page 12 in packet) due 9/10!

Week of 9/10-9/14-We are learning about seasons through several investigations this week. Monday we are completing pages 15 and 16 in our packet in our introduction to seasons. Tuesday we will meet in the little theater for a complex activity from Clark Planetarium investigation the difference in temperatures throughout the seasons between the northern and southern hemispheres. Wednesday will read in the textbook (24-27 with questions on packet page 9), work on the day-night cycle (pg 21 in journal) as well as refining our seasons model in "All About that Tilt". Thursday we started the pink paper on daylight hours versus darkness as well as our first CER writing activity (on pink paper). We completed the paper on Friday as well as beginning our study of direct and indirect light (to be continued on Tuesday, 9/18).

Student copy Intro to Seasons
All About that Tilt-Seasons day 3

Week of 9/4-9/7, we will be learning about eclipses and conducting an experiment using pendulums so we can learn about variables. Interventions will begin for students that scored 60% or below on our last assessment. These will last for two weeks. Any student that scored between 65% and 90% can attempt to retake the test for a higher score (with a maximum of 90%) this week. Please set up a time with Mrs. Pay. Retakes will probably be scheduled for Friday during Homeroom. Students that are scheduled for interventions may not take the test until interventions are completed. The completed study guide can be found under the week of 8/27-8/31.

Eclipse stations (9/4-9/5): I gave a stapled packet to the students that were absent. This needs to be completed within three days of receipt.

Pendulums investigation(9/6): Complete the makeup definitions sheet (series of triangles with scientific method terms). Graphing for this activity will be on Friday. Absent students will need to complete a bar graph using the data provided below. Refer to the parts of a graph interactive notebook page (journal page 20) for what the graph should look like.

Pendulum activity-Makeup

The week of 8/27-8/31, we will be finishing up moon phases and testing the students. See the calendar for links to makeup work.

Monday-Cut and paste the moon phases on page 10 of the packet, vocabulary (pg 2) and discussion; Tuesday-Journal work (pgs. 9, 10 and 12), vocabulary, synchronous rotation (see slides below); Wednesday-Prediction, simulations and study guide (pictured below); Thursday-review and test; Friday-eclipses.

8/28 Moon Phases student copy

MOON PHASES: The first week of the unit will include instructions for the moon phase homework. Be sure to complete this assignment!

Other assignments from the week of 8/20-8/24 will be completed in a rotating order to allow the teachers to share the materials. Look at your child's planner for the dates we complete each activity. The plan for this week from Monday to Friday is: Crosscutting concepts/Intro to Moon Phase homework, Just a Phase, Draw the Moon, the Sun-Earth-Moon model and finally, Literacy activities.

Moon Phases-Student copy