Language Arts 7

Miss Ketchum

I am generally available before and after school to help students and allow them work-time in the classroom. However, please note that if a student needs to make up a quiz or test, unless students or parents make an appointment to meet with me in advance, he/she may be turned away due to pre-scheduled meetings, bus duty, or other school activities I may have. If you have any questions, please email me at

Thank you,

Ms. Ketchum

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Most Important Assignments

These assignments occur throughout the year, and while they may seem easy to do, DO NOT procrastinate getting them done.

Over the course of the year students should:

  • Read 30 minutes each day outside of school
  • Complete daily reading journals (for more information, please head to the Reading Journals page)
  • Review vocabulary words each night
  • Study for spelling/vocab quizzes (for study tips, visit the Helpful Tips page)
  • Complete Book Reports (6 per year)

Complete other class projects (essays, group work, research, etc.)

Supplies and Materials

black or blue pens (daily)

red pen or pencil (only for editing/correcting)

Composition Notebook

Highlighters (3+ colors)

Small three-ring binder (daily--for organization)

8-10 page protectors for binder

novel/reading book (daily), e-reader allowed if tech certified

School planner (daily)

college ruled binder paper (daily)

3x5 note cards & colored pencils (optional)

Post-it notes (optional)

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