Secondary Transition

Welcome to Warwick School District's Secondary Transition Information Center!

Getting ready to leave high school is a big step in any young person's life. For some students, they leave high school confident in the direction they have mapped out. For others, there is much trepidation.

Prior to any student's final year at high school, there are many decisions that need to be made. In order to make those informed decisions, information has to be gathered and questions asked.

The intent of this website is to provide both students and parents with resources that will help with those decisions in three major areas:

Beginning when the student turns 14, the school team including the student and the parent should start to have annual discussions focusing on these three areas. Initially, the conversations may be very general, but as time goes on, they should become very focused. It is helpful to think about what the expectations are in each of these areas for both the parent and the student. By completing surveys and interviews, this information will be useful as the team moves forward in creating an effective transition plan.