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School Closures: "Learning Into the Future"

Learn into the future.

That is what K-12 schools and higher education institutions across the country and world are called to do as we respond to the Coronavirus. The pandemic calls for us to revise our approach to teaching and learning to include virtual classrooms and blended instruction.

Listen : Dr. Lupini shares his SAU’s move to distance learning, and shares insight on the key leadership decision-making points over the past two weeks. This honest, transparent look behind the scenes allows us a small glimpse into the myriad factors that have contributed to this SAU which is comprised of multiple districts to respond quickly and effectively to the COVID-19 crisis, focusing on quality learning experiences, providing social-emotional support, and providing basic needs like food and connectivity to families in their homes. Listen here

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How Can We Help?

Please contact your guidance counselor with any questions and concerns you may have during this uncertain time.

Technical Support for WHS Families

SAU 21 is committed to supporting our students and community through these unprecedented times. Should you have administrative questions, please call 603-929-8992. If you have technical questions please click on the Student Support button below. An IT Services team member will follow up with you.

Please have your school-issued Chromebook with you when you call.

Contact Comcast for FREE Internet Essentials service. For assistance, please email Talley Westerberg, WHS School Social Worker

SAU 21 News and Announcements

News and Updates from SAU 21

See the latest information at SAU21.org

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is providing daily updates and recommendations on Coronavirus. Click Here.

The New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) also has a number of resources and updates available Click Here.

WHS Resources for Students

WHS Resources for Parents

WHS Resources for Teachers

WHS Apps for Teaching

These are just a few tools that support creation, collaboration, communication and engagement. For information on more tools, visit the WHS Tech Integration website.


Nearpod is a superb tool for school closures and WHS teachers are lucky to have Premium licenses. With a library of more than 7,000 lessons that include virtual field trips, current events, digital citizenship and social emotional learning lessons. Add 3D photos, 360 field trips, collaboration boards , polls, and draws to your lessons to heighten engagement. WHS teachers can go to Nearpod and Log In with school Gmail.

Click here for a blog post, here for webinar.


EdPuzzle is another simple-to-use tool for school closures. Simply import a video from the library (Khan Academy, BBC, PBS Learning and more) or create your own with Google Meet or Screencastify. Then add questions or record your own comments for an interactive assessment. WHS teachers have a premium license.

Click here for a blog post with information on using EDPuzzle. WHS users see Julie for school code.


FlipGrid provides an opportunity to make a video to show their thinking, learning, feelings, thoughts or ideas! Use this for exit tickets, warm-ups, Google questions, a poll, explanations, and a project reflection. This is a nice way to "check in" with your students while they are at home.

Click here for a video on how to use. Click here for more resources.

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark. Spice up your own virtual presentations for your students, or invite your students to create their own multi-dimensional presentations with Adobe Spark. Your students can create infographics, add them to a video and share them through Google Classroom. Other tools for creation include WeVideo (videos), Canva (graphics), ThingLink (presentation).


Kahoot is a simple way to create a learning game or trivia quiz on any topic, in any language in minutes. Students love gamification in the classroom and they don't even realize they are learning!

Pear Deck

PearDeck slides are very similar to a PowerPoint or Google Slides presentation. But instead of simply static, informational slides, you get to create Interactive slides that let every student respond to your questions or prompts.

Click here for instructional videos.

Screencastify Premium

Screencastify is a Chrome browser extension that can be used to record yourself or cast your desktop to create a general lesson, explain difficult concepts, recap the day's main objectives, or give feedback on student work. WHS teachers and staff have a Premium license. WHS students can get Screencastify Lite from the App store. All videos store in Google Drive.

Click here to visit the WHS Screencastify website

Click here for more information about Screencastify


Wakelet is a great tool for remote learning as a crowdsourcing and information sharing tool. Collaborate with others on group collections to share ideas, inspiration and knowledge. Ask your students to share anything -- their favorite quotes, research sites they discovered on a class topic, thoughts about current events, books. Share your collections with a single link.

For more information about Wakelet click here.

Google Forms

Google Forms is an app that operates within the Google Apps for Education and integrates effortlessly with Google Classroom. Teachers can use Google Forms to do daily check-ins with students at home, assess learning, ask general questions. You can also create quizzes within the Google Forms app, allowing teachers to provide an answer key that self grades.

For more information on Google Forms click here.