Totem is the literary Magazine at Winnacunnet High School.

2018-19 Editors & Staff

Editor-in-Chief Thomas Prior '19

Managing Editor: Eva Sanborn '22

Art Editor: Macy Fraser '19

Submission Process

The Literary Magazine Staff encourages all students and staff members to submit their original work to Totem. If you would like to submit your work, please share it with us (us being on Google Apps. Photos of your artwork needs to be high resolution. If we receive your work this way we understand your implicit permission for us to use it in Totem. Please do not submit work for others, encourage them to send it to us!

What We Do

The editors and staff reserve the right to choose which pieces will be selected for publication. The staff reads each submission aloud as a group and decides whether or not to accept it. Art selections are chosen with consideration of a variety of styles and mediums.

How to Join

Membership - We welcome any WHS student to work on our staff. We meet every Thursday from 2:30 to 3:30 in room E104. Much of the preparation of Totem can be done anywhere there is an Internet connection. We can also be contacted through email at


Totem is a non-profit literary and art magazine published annually by Winnacunnet Publications - Literary Magazine. It is continuously funded by the WHS School Board. A copy of each edition is available on the Winnacunnet Website in pdf format in the LitMag Archives ( All rights revert back to the author or artist upon publication. Totem is published by Jostens and 200 copies are printed for distribution.

Please remember that the Winnacunnet High School Totem Literary Magazine is a student run publication. As such, the ideas, opinions, and views expressed in Totem are not those of the Totem staff, the Winnacunnet High School Administration or of the School Board. Additionally, many of the submissions in Totem are the product of a classroom assignment and may not reflect the views of the author. The intended audience of the Totem is high school aged students and older due to possible sensitive material.

Totem Archives

2019 - Editor-in-Chief Thomas Prior '19

2018 - Editor-in-Chief Grace Tiberia '18 (lost PDFs - working on recovery)

2017 - Editor-in-Chief Grace Tiberia '18

2016 - Editor-in-Chief Loryn Eagleson '16

2015 - Editor-in-Chief Shannon O'Hara '15

2014 Edition I - Edition II - Editor-in-Chief Shannon O'Hara '15

2013 Edition I - Edition II - Editor-in-Chief Cameron Stetz '13

2012 Edition 1 - Edition 2 - Editor-in-Chief Michael Legere '12

2011 Edition 1 - Edition 2- Editor-in-Chief Michael Legere '12

2010 Fall Edition - Edition 2 - Edition 3- Editor-in-Chief Nazia Shaikh '10

2009 Fall Edition - Winter Edition - Summer Edition - Editor-in-Chief Laurel Weatherby '09

2008 Fall Edition - Winter/Spring Edition - Spring/Summer Edition - Co-Editors-in-Chief Laurel Weatherby '09 & Casey Bradshaw '09

Pre Totem

Gathering of Voices

More to come...