The Warrior Way

PBIS (positive behavior intervention system) is a necessity. As our school continues to grow and change in both student population and staff; it is important that we revisit the goal and functionality that this program brings. Not only ours, but all districts in the county feel that with better training and support, PBIS will be able to help us meet the behavior needs of our youth.


All students can find success. This is a true belief statement for all teachers. We all try different interventions and redirects in our classes, maybe even different incentive programs; but as difficult behaviors stay consistent we become weary and in need of change or a solution. We already have the solution- PBIS. The system itself is not broken, but we are. We need to be retrained in the program, and through being committed to it we can build a consistent message to all students across grades, teams, and settings within our school community. We will work together, and trust that the same expectations are being taught and reinforced.


To teach and instill character values (integrity, positive attitude, cooperation, persistence tolerance, work ethic, responsibility, courage, and empathy) by demonstrating safe, respectful, and responsible behavior.


  1. Start our first two weeks of school with a heavy push- day 1 will begin with a welcome assembly to introduce our new look: The Warrior Way. This will be led by Mr. O’Malley and Mrs. Porter.
  2. We will use behavioral PBIS lessons. They have been sorted by who should teach each lesson and by relevance according to grade level. Lessons that are not taught by the classroom teacher will be presented during breakfast time by the associated instructor (i.e. cafeteria by Stephanie Davis). It is important that teachers help monitor and participate in these lessons as well to set the examples for the students and show support to you coworkers. (Schedule attached.)
  3. End of each day for the first 6-7 days (while teaching lessons) a PBIS team member will come to each class and ask for 1 student to be recognized for their outstanding choices on being Safe, Respectful, and Responsible (The Warrior Way).
  4. We will use positive incentives- “Character Cash” (previously known as thank –you tickets). These are very important and each staff member (not just teachers), have the daily goal of handing out 5/5- 5 to their own students (class) and 5 to other students throughout the building, throughout the day. If a classified staff member, 10 throughout the day. When a student has earned “Character Cash” it is important that it is immediate, specific, authentic, contingent, and consistent.
  5. Students can redeem their “Character Cash” to the whole school store on Fridays during Rise-N-Shine Club and breakfast. It will be hosted by Ms. Janzen in the cafeteria café. Returned “Character Cash” will also be used for monthly drawings. Data will be collected through the store on specific students purchasing, classes, grades, and items.
  6. We will maintain positive teacher behavior and feedback utilizing the 5-10 classroom management skills and interventions, collaborate with your grade level teams; and access your PBIS manual for additional support on how to properly document selective behaviors, and to access secondary steps if behaviors are continuous after classroom interventions.