WorkPlace Ready

There are so many different paths that one can follow to lead them to the "right" job. Regardless of the path that you choose to follow, finding a job right out of high school or even after several years of college, it requires much patience, lots of time, persistence, and hard work. Jobs do not necessarily go to the most qualified applicant, but rather the best prepared applicant. This page will provide you with tools, ideas, and more to help you with job search needs, resume building, interview skills, and more...

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Students at South Warren may pursue pathways in three main categories:

Agriculture Pathways

Business & Marketing Pathways

Family & Consumer Science Pathways

Students may also complete pathways at the Area Technology Center:

Area Technology Center Pathways

If a student completes at least three courses within a Pathway, they are considered Preparatory and are eligible to be considered Workplace Ready. See the Transition Readiness webpage and the Kentucky Department of Education for further information on Transition Readiness.


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