Ware Academy Third Grade Waves

Mrs. Grichtmeier's Class

Office Hours

Monday-Friday 8:30 to 5:00

Third Grade at Ware Academy is a great place to be! This year, we will be going on multiple field trips, including the Deltaville Oyster Festival Learning Day and the Virginia Frontier Museum. Ware Academy provides a program of integrated Language Arts skills and History. Mrs. Gardiner will teach Science. We will also learn new technology skills, continue to grow in Spanish class, and improve as artists, dancers, and teammates. Come join us!

I am excited to be a member of the Ware Academy staff. This will be my twenty-fifth year teaching, and I feel that I have found my new home. This year, we will be studying the history of the United States from exploration through colonization and migration. English and History will be integrated in our reading and writing with a focus on project-based, meaningful learning.

I will also be teaching Math to both third and fourth grade students. Our mathematics focuses are problem solving, number sense, and mathematical thinking through the accelerated development of traditional skills.

Week 1

Third Graders found their favorite series in our classroom library.

and built our team skills during tug-of-war at recess.

We worked cooperatively during a Lego STEM activity during Math.

Week 2

We made landforms out of clay.

Week 3

We made our own compasses and got ready to write like Amelia and Max!

Check out: Amelia's Notebook and Max's Logbook, both by Marissa Moss.

Compass directions are available on helpful links.

Week 4: We learned to use Google Classroom and our class web page!

Week 5: Paper Mache Globes

We have spirit, all kinds of spirit!

We created multiplication bar models by using cubes first, and then moving to the Singapore Math model.

And then we celebrated at Fall Festival!

Happy Halloween!

We enjoyed all the treats!

Mrs. Gardiner organized our field trip to the Urbanna Oyster Festival Education Day.


....and a snowstorm!


Buddy Lunch

Polar Express Day

....because Third Grade can hear the bell!

We had Ugly Sweater Day

(but we were really cute in them).

Blue and Green came to visit. Elves can be A LOT!

Third and fourth grade went caroling at Gloucester House right after rehearsals for the Christmas Musical. We've been super busy!

Backstage at "The Grinch"

Happy New Year!

Spaghetti Pop-Up Lunch--Yum!

We are officially "big kids" now! Third Grade is starting LONG DIVISION!

Valentine's Day

We are building our wagons for the Oregon Trail!

We are so excited to have a new friend!

Read Across America Day

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

Can you find: The Grinch and Max, Sam-I-Am and Yertle-the-Turtle, 4 Things, and, hiding in the Truffula Tree Forest, The Cat-In-The-Hat?

Happy Mustache Monday!