KEY STAGE 4 GCSE options



Welcome to Year 8 Options

It gives me great pleasure to present you with our Year 8 course information. Choosing options is an important and exciting time for students. Students at Warden Park Academy are in the privileged position of being able to personalise their curriculum earlier than many schools as they undertake a three year Key Stage 4. This will allow deeper knowledge and skills development within their chosen subjects and help students to work towards the best possible outcomes. Students currently in the 3 year Key Stage 4 report they feel more supported and have built stronger relationships with their teachers. During the next few weeks students will be asked to express preferences, in consultation with staff, for the qualifications students will study throughout Years 9, 10 and 11.

Students will be given the opportunity to choose a personalised pathway of learning which best suits their strengths and interests and will provide them with the best opportunity to succeed academically and progress to further education or training until they are 18. Students will continue to study a core curriculum as well as their chosen options.

The core curriculum includes; English language and literature; mathematics; science; learning about life and physical education. Students then make their option choices. We will work extremely hard to offer students their preferred choices, however in some cases, this may not be possible and we will consult with parents, carers and students regarding alternatives. This is explained in more detail later. Should you wish your child to study the EBacc suite of subjects then the way in which you express your choices is important. For more information on the English Baccalaureate please click here. The full details of the curriculum including hours in each subject and advice on how to make the right choice can be accessed via the curriculum pages.

Students should choose the courses in which they are interested in and will enjoy studying for three years. Naturally, parents and carers will want to ensure students make the best choices and to have access to quality advice and guidance. This website supports the process by providing a description of the courses we offer and complements the Reporting Evening (Thursday 16th January) and Options Evening (Thursday 13th February). At the Options Evening you will have the opportunity to attend a presentation explaining the options process, access additional information from Curriculum Leaders and subject teachers to discuss course suitability. We are also running a series of events and activities in order to support students throughout this process in school. The details of these events is set out in the student support section of this website.

Submitting students' options choices this year will be different than that of previous years. This year we will be asking students to submit choices using an online program. Parents and carers will then need to log in to approve the choices. More details on this system will be presented at Options Evening in the main presentation. Help clinics will also be offered to support any families who need assistance. The online submission should be completed by the students, students will need to rank their choices in order of priority. Please click here to access more information about how to submit the choices.

It is my aim to ensure students and parents feel supported throughout this time and help students make the right choices to enable them to feel happy, engaged and inspired by their learning. I wish students every success in choosing their options and hope they are excited by what they have chosen. If at any time you wish to discuss your child's choices please do not hesitate to contact me:

Ms Kristy Fitzgerald

Assistant Headteacher - Director of Curriculum


If studying the EBACC suite of subjects is important to the students, then they must ensure their form is completed in the following way:

  • That the 1st preference is either the language option (French or Spanish), or the humanity option (History or Geography)
  • The 2nd preference is therefore the other, ie if a language is expressed as the 1st preference then the humanity option is entered in as the 2nd preference and vice versa
  • The remaining slots should then be the student's other options in rank order

Students entering Years 9 & 10 in September 2019 are invited to apply to one our of programmes that are offered as part of the Twilight Curriculum. The Twilight Curriculum consists of both academic and non academic qualifications that are available for students to undertake in addition to their regular studies. Upon successful completion of programmes, students receive formal accreditation.

The subjects on offer are confirmed in the summer term once timetabling and staffing have been agreed. Students and parents are then invited to attend an information event. Following the information sessions, students must then apply by completing an application form. Most twilight curriculum programmes run once per week after school from 3.10pm - 5.00pm.