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Summer term 2017

Throughout the latter part of the summer term students in Year 8 & 9 will be notified of their key stage 4 allocations. Students will receive a letter during a tutor period, outlining the subjects. We will advise the specific date this will happen closer to the day. If a student is absent their tutor will retain their letter until they return to school.

We will be notifying students whose choices have not been possible prior to this. These students will have the first opportunity to reconsider their options and have priority over spaces available in other subjects.

If students wish to change their options, they should click the link below to check if there is space available, print off a change of options form, which parents must sign, before a change may be considered.

Changing options

We have tried our best to provide the subjects which students have requested and I hope students are pleased with the outcome of their subject allocations. The deadlines for any option changes are listed below:

  • Students entering Year 9 in 2017; change requests must be received by Friday December 1st 2017.
  • Students entering Year 10 in 2017; change requests must be received by Friday October 20th 2017.

Please do note, option changes are subject to timetable and subject availability. Unfortunately we cannot allow options changes after this date. This is due to the amount of work students will have to catch up which can cause undue pressure and affect the outcome of their qualification.