Dear Pre-K Parents,

It has been a fabulous start to our school year together! I am so impressed and proud with everything we have accomplished already. The boys and girls are in a school routine that keeps us very busy everyday. We have computers, art, music, library, gym and Spanish during the week. We also have projects that are educational, and fun to do. Right now we have taken down all our decorations that have been enjoyed by everyone that walks thru the halls of Wandell. We are preparing for the next big event,,,, Thanksgiving! For this special holiday the children will be learning many new songs all of which have the word "turkey" in them! We will also be having our annual Show and Feast on Tuesday, Nov.21st at 10:30am so mark your calendars. You will not want to miss this event. Everyone is invited to see our performance so start inviting your family and friends! Please prepare for your child to wear a Native American, Pilgrim, or Turkey costume that day. I have some if you need one.

Thank you for all your help and support! Remember if you need ! Mrs. Garage