Wandell Art

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Overview: Our Art program offers art classes once a week to PreK through 5th Grade classes. During the 2017-2018 academic year, students will experience an overview of a variety of art making techniques, processes materials and history as they relate to the Elements and Principles of Art and Design. Topics will include:

Elements of Art: Identification and demonstration of Line, Texture, Value, Space, Color, Form and Space

Principles of Art: Identification and demonstration of the principles of Unity, Variety, Rhythm, Repetition, Movement, Balance and Emphasis

Art History and Multicultural Art: Various art movements, artists and cultures, as applicable

Color Theory: Primary Colors, Secondary Colors, color temperature and tints

Painting: Demonstration of knowledge of watercolor (wet on wet and wet on dry) and acrylic or tempera (impasto) techniques

Drawing: Demonstration of contour lines and shading techniques

Crafting: Developing of fine motor skills by using scissors and glue with various media (tissue paper, beans, buttons, etc.)


Project Description: Students will bring their projects home with a description label describing its objectives and keywords learned. The Project Description helps parents understand what their child/ren learned from the project and students to remember the objectives and keywords.

Wandell Art Show: Wandell School students will proudly exhibit their wonderful art work and parents will be able to view their child/ren’s art work throughout the school year, during Spring Conference or Wandell Evening of Arts.

Grading: Students will be graded based on following rubric:

Rubric for Art

25% of Class participation/Cooperation

25% of Effort/Learning/Progress

25% of Creativity/Originality/Quality

25% of Design/Craftsmanship/Attention to Detail

During the 2017-2018 academic year, Art grades will be based on the Standards Based Report Card. A standards based report card identifies the most important skills in each grade level and content area in alignment with Common Core State Standards, the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards and district program (Please see the back).

Earning a “4” means has advanced understanding and exceeds grade level expectations. A “4” is difficult to obtain and indicates usually high achievement.

Earning “3” means the student has proficient understanding and meets grade level expectations. A “3” is something to be celebrated!

Earning a “2” means the students has basic understanding and partially meets grade-level expectations. A “2” indicated that a child may need extra help or time to understand a concept or skill.

Earning a “1” means the students has minimal understanding and does not meet grade-level expectations. A students receiving a “1” will need interventions in order to meet grade-level expectations.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact me at ckim@wandellschool.org. I am looking forward to having another wonderful year at the Wandell School.


Mrs. Kim