Welcome to 2nd Grade

The 2nd graders are so excited for the upcoming field trip, to the Turtle Back Zoo !

animal reacearch project
Bengal Tiger
The Leopard

In reading, we are loving our new chapter books that we are experiencing in the guided reading groups. The students are continuing the SuperKids program consisting of spelling, grammar and reading comprehension. They are focusing on compound words, conjunctions, verbs and adverbs in language arts.

Our math program has brought us to place value using ones, tens and hundreds. We are continuing to work with 3 digit numbers, subtraction with regrouping, telling time and using money.

In Science, we just wrapped up our solar system unit and really enjoyed creating a diagram of the moon phases. We have also studied motion and energy. We learned about some forms of energy such such as; electrical, light and heat. In April, we will be studying animal life cycles. Each student will be researching their own animal and creating a google slide presentation.

In social studies we are continuing to study local government and some national. We are learning what a mayor, governor and senator do.

The 2nd graders, are working on their own version of a fairy tale using 3 paragraph writing skills. They are using good details and description in their writing. The students are doing a great job practicing their typing!

The students are also practicing strong math skills by using IXL a few times a week. They are continuing to work on their addition and subtraction facts.

Spring is here!