Its all about Data Quality

Our equipment is calibrated using special field calibration jigs which are assigned values after synchronising them at the DMITRE drill hole logging calibration facility

We validate results in our customer's site reference wells so that their field data is accurately corrected for bore environment and local geology and is repeatable across the whole drill program.

Our data is checked by the Wireline Engineer on site, the WBG Data Lab and then by our Auditor

WBG's customers access their data securely with a login 24/7 from the WBG drive in the cloud.

Our customers get colour A4 fanfold paper logs that do not fade or blacken if exposed to heat or moisture.

We continually look for productivity improvements such as designing our services around individual drilling programs and unique local geology

We integrate our services so that they are flexible around our customer's Drilling, Geo Data and Safety priorities

Our Chief Engineer supervises Wireline Services operations on new operations on site until they are bedded in and running smoothly.

We send support and backup services to site to make sure your logging unit keeps the drill program on track.

We are supported by an local network of talented service technicians who turn around our repairs and maintenance jobs quickly and efficiently