Health, Safety, Security & Environment

WBG Safety Management Plan

WBG’s primary goal is zero injuries and illness. We apply significant resources and energy to maintain an injury and illness free workplace where all WBG’s employees and the people we partner with go home each day in the same healthy condition that they were when they left for work.

Our Safety Management Plan encompasses personal safety, equipment safety and the management of all risks to the business in that priority order. WBG's Safety Management Plan provides a framework for all our safe work policies and procedures as well as quality and compliance measures and reporting requirements. This company-wide system ensures that all WBG operations uniformly work within internationally recognised health and safety frameworks and is progressively working towards AS/NZS 4801:2001, AS/NZS 4804:2001 and AS/NZS 31000:200 meeting various certifications, and internal and external reporting requirements as we grow.

WBG Environment Management Plan

WBG’s goal is zero damage to environment and cultural heritage. To that effect, our staff all have a general environmental duty. This means that they are all made responsible for the actions WBG takes that affects the environment.

WBG will not carry out any activity that causes or is likely to cause environmental harm unless we take all reasonable and practicable measures to prevent or minimise the harm. For example, we do not dispose of our industrial waste irresponsibly, pour oil and other wastes into water catchments, cause unreasonable noise or disturb cultural heritage artifacts or trespass on sensitive cultural land areas. To decide what meets our general environmental duty, all WBG staff are required to think about these issues:

  • the nature of the harm or potential harm;
  • the sensitivity of the receiving environment;
  • the current state of technical knowledge for the activity;
  • the likelihood of successful application of the different measures to prevent or minimise environmental harm that might be taken;
  • the financial implications of the different measures as they would relate to the type of activity.

WBG Radiation Safety and Protection Plan

Walton Bore Geophysics (WBG) uses both Gamma emitting and Neutron emitting sources (Cs137, AmBe and Th232) in its Borehole Logging operations. Each of these sources has different characteristics and poses different risks to human health.

Safe handing, storage and subsequent deployment of radioactive sources therefore, requires due care and attention to detail from both WBG management and staff.

WBG's Radiation Safety and Protection Plan has been formulated for the purpose of ensuring that all borehole logging practices using sealed radioactive sources are conducted safely and in compliance with the Radiation Safety Act 1999 and the Radiation Safety Regulation 2010. This plan applies to borehole logging tools and premises in the possession of the WBG as the possession licensee. Compliance with the radiation safety and protection plan ensures radiation doses to users and other persons involved in the practice are below the prescribed limits and are as low as reasonably achievable (ALARP).