Data Services

WBG is very pleased to be partnered with the only professional geophysical log data recovery and conversion service in Australia; Weltek Geoscience!

Weltek can solve your data recovery needs through their fast and reliable conversion service. Weltek takes care of the once expensive and time consuming task of transforming existing hard copy geophysical logs into your desired CAD or GIS format and does the heavy lifting for you so you can focus on bigger priorities. Simply call WBG on (07) 33668145 to arrange for a Weltek quote and arrange for pick up of your paper logs and data sets to get started.

WBG Datalab

WBG Datalab can supply a variety of services to enhance your data including;

Acoustic Scanner (ATV) processing

Structure Logs including strike and dip

Reprocessing of old or other service provider data from any format (LAS, TFD, RD, DAT, LOG, HED, WCL) to useful data and colour paper logs

Quality Control, repair or enhancement of other provider logs to WBG standard.