WPS Extended learning

Last updated June 10, 2020

This website was created to extend student learning when school is not in session. These are suggested activities and resources to continue learning at home.

Visit the CLEVER PAGE to access digital resources

With lessons and exercises created by Waltham educators to promote emotional and psychological wellness and mindfulness.

Tips for Parents on

Coordinating At-Home Learning

These are unprecedented circumstances for all of us, but hopefully we can share some of what we know about teaching with parents who are at home with their children during our closure. We will update this area with tips for how to use online resources to help your child stay mentally and academically busy.

Establish a Routine. Children thrive on routines. Establish as much of a routine as you can and follow that routine each day as closely as you are able (we understand the challenges!). Set "work hours," ideally in the morning when students are most alert. As the weather improves, provide opportunities for your child to go on walks in the afternoon (while still maintaining social distance from other children). If your child is picking up our lunches during the closure, this is also a great opportunity for your child to be outside!

Be Realistic. We know this is challenging, and on some or even most days it will be impossible for you to "home school" your child. These resources are meant to help you manage uncomfortable social distancing while positively connecting with your child and avoiding cabin fever!

Make it Fun. Ask your child what they want to learn about or work on, and create special projects for them. We will post examples in this site!

Learn about the Standards. Curious what academic content your student is missing while out of school? Take a look at the Massachusetts State Frameworks for your child's grade level - this is what we use to plan our curriculum.

Here is an example (rough) schedule. Obviously, you will modify this to meet the needs of your family.

7-9am: Wake up, have breakfast

9am-11am: Learning / work time

11am-1:30pm: Lunch

1:30pm-2:30pm: Afternoon learning / work time

2:30-4:00pm: Long walk outside / outdoor play with siblings

4:00-8:00pm: Make dinner with family, spend time with family, help with siblings, complete other chores and responsibilities. Follow your typical family routine!

Then, off to bed! It is important that we all get plenty of rest - that is part of staying healthy!