Varsity Game Recap

#18: 10/25/2019 vs Somerville (away)

2-1 W

At the end of the Somerville game in September, the Somerville coach made it clear (to coaches, players, and officials) that he believed his team was the better team. Therefore, we had something to prove in this second Somerville match: we needed to prove that we are the better team...and you did that.

Somerville is the league champion in their league (the GBL) this year. Because we were facing league champs on their Senior Night, we knew this would be a gritty and exciting game.

We dominated play in the first half and we had many opportunities to score; however, we were not able to finish. Somerville only had a few shots in the first half, but one of them resulted in a goal. We were down 0-1 at the half.

At half-time we discussed staying composed: we knew our goal was coming soon. We needed to just keep building up the attack. In the second half of the second half, Christina assisted Madelyn's goal (which was a well-placed ball that soared past Somerville's talented goalkeeper). Just about two minutes after that goal, Emilie finished on a direct-kick. We called a timeout to remind players that--in the final 8 minutes of the game--our goal was to maintain possession in our attacking third, preferably in our attacking corners. Although Somerville had at least one true opportunity to tie the game in those final minutes, we were able to win back the ball and run the clock.

It is fitting the three freshmen had a direct hand (well, foot!) in this final game of the season: as the final game closed and we bid goodbye to our seniors, we know that there is lots of promise for the future.

That was a great game to end the season with. Well done!

#17: 10/24/2019 vs Boston-Latin (home)

1-3 L

This BL game was our final home game of the season. Boston-Latin scored two goals in the first half; their first goal was an incredible shot just after 10-minutes, and their second goal occurred off of a direct kick that changed direction after bouncing off of our wall. Down 0-2 at the half, our plan was to play more patiently to build up the attack with combination passes (to therefore allow our players to transform into a 4-3-3 offensively). From the start of the second half, we were doing this! Our goal this game was scored because we played to feet and correct space to get the ball (and players!) into our attacking third; and then we didn't let the ball out of our attacking third. We ended up tying the second half 1-1.

#16: 10/17/2019 vs Wayland (home)

1-4 L

We started this game in a 4-2-3-1. Defensively, we kept shape and were not allowing goals scored; however, we were not getting a push forward. At the half, we decided to move to a 4-4-2 with a diamond in the middle. Although we started to get more forward, we also struggled with getting back defensively and maintaining shape. The goals in this Wayland match were scored in the second half at 11:40 and 13:27...Gabriella scored on a PK 21 minutes into the second...and then Wayland scored twice again with 7 minutes left and 4 minutes left.

#15: 10/15/2019 vs Weston (home)

0-2 L

This game was our Senior Recognition game. This game can be watched here!

#14: 10/11/2019 vs Bedford

1-5 L

We were down 0-1 at the half. In the first half, we had chances to score (we were called offside twice and had a foul near the box while on a run). In the second half, Bedford scored 4 goals, including a goal in the final minute of the match. We also had chances--a solid shot that hit the post and several corner-kick opportunities--in the second half.

#13: 10/7/2019 vs Cambridge-Rindge & Latin (home)

1-3 L

Although we seemed to control the ball well in the first half, CRL was able to put the ball in the back of the net. Our one goal came from a direct kick outside the 18.

#12: 10/5/2019 vs Acton-Boxborough (away)

0-3 L

This was a great game! You girls executed the plan and adjusted well when coaches made changes to the formation. The team-defense was on-point; the way we gained possession of the ball was from the second defending picking off a pass or stealing the ball off of a hard AB first-touch or a hard AB dribble. Your team defense (and some great saves by Lauren) created a shut out in the first half!

AB scored their first goal a little over two minutes into the second half. They then scored off of a corner (but this is the first goal that we have let up directly off of a corner all season, so that's impressive!). AB then scored at the VERY, VERY END of the game (we do not dispute the officials; however, if the officials called the game at time, that goal should not have been allowed). Therefore, you held AB to a small amount of goals...and that's big!

You stayed competitive throughout the entire game and you certainly followed our 'do not make it easy for AB' mantra. Let's carry the accomplishments of this game to the remaining games on our schedule.

#11: 10/1/2019 vs Medford (away)

4-0 W

Good win in the rain. Good first shut out. The first three goals were scored with 21 minutes left, 5 minutes left, and just shy of 2 minutes left in the first half; and the final goal was scored ten minutes into the second half. This is the biggest positive goal differential that WHS girls' soccer has had in quite a few years. Keep shooting & keep scoring!

#10: 9/28/2019 vs Arlington-Catholic (away)

1-1 T

It was a beautiful weekend for soccer. We came out of this non-league match with a tie; however, I know that it felt like a loss because we dominated play and were up until the final minutes. We had several opportunities offensively in both halves, and we played well defensively, only allowing AC to get a few good shots off. Our goal came in the second half from us being first to the ball off of AC's goal-kick (a one-touch back into the box & a strong finish); AC's goal came off of a PK in the final 9 minutes of the match. This is our first tie; although it is not one for the W-column, it helps us move in the right direction!

#9: 9/26/2019 vs Wesford Academy (home)

0-6 L

Although the score of this game makes it seem like it was a poor game, we actually had an intense and exciting match. Westford did not score on us until the 20th minute of the game, and the second goal they scored was merely because of our miscommunication. Therefore, the saves that were made and the defense that was played was on point in the first half! To add to that, we also had a few solid shots off on Westford (who, as you know, if a very strong and disciplined team). To close the first half, we rocketed a shot off in the final second; this shot carried our excited into halftime.

We were scored on fairly early in the second half; however, you didn't let the wind leave your sails. Our goal for this game was to 'not make things easy for Westford' and you held that mantra throughout the game. Some players who have not seen a lot of time on the field lately played long stretches in the second half...and these players did their job well. Although Westford scored 4 times in the second half (in the pouring rain), we were able to have some truly exciting opportunities in our attacking third.

If we start Saturday's Arlington-Catholic match like we did this match, we will be successful.

#8: 9/24/2019 vs Boston-Latin (away)

0-1 L

We seemed to lack energy at the start. We were allowing Boston-Latin players to win the ball, uncontested, and we didn't seem hungry to score. Boston-Latin scored in the 23rd minute of the game from outside of the 18-yard box. At half-time, we changed up our formation to a 4-4-2 better suit the size of the field and the tempo of the game.

We had a shut out (0-0) in the second half of the game, and--most importantly--we seemed to find our energy. We see Boston-Latin again in October!

#7: 9/20/2019 vs Somerville (home)

3-2 W

This game was our KICK CANCER game. It was a great cause & a great win!

We were up 2-0 at the half. In the second half, Someville scored quickly @ the 46-minute and then at the 53rd minute. Our third goal in the second half allowed us to have our first win of the season. Congratulations!

When we play Somerville again in October (on their senior night) we need to be physically tough (legally!) and mentally tough. They want the comeback badly, so we need to want the repeat more!

#6: 9/17/2019 vs Wayland (home)

0-2 L

What a good game! We made great saves, we moved the ball well, and we had multiple scoring opportunities. YOU MADE IT FUN. Up until the final 9 minutes of the game, we were tied 0-0 with Wayland. We got caught too far up and didn't mark goal-side & BAM: Wayland goal. Then, as we were trying to get our focus back...BAM: another Wayland goal. This game can teach us a lot:

  • #1: We have what it takes to compete with a top team in our league.
  • #2: We are a team that will do well when we make combining up the field a priority.
  • #3: We need to play hard and smart for all 80-minutes. The feeling of letting up a goal in the 71st minute is an awful feeling. We need to do all we can as a team to not feel that again.
  • #4: Bouncing back is something we can and will always do. Onto Somerville...

#5: 9/13/2019 vs Weston (away)

0-1 L

We came into this game with the mentality that we MUST challenge our opponent and win balls. We played a 4-2-3-1 formation and had success with it on Weston's wide field. We did a better job controlling the ball in the middle and combining up the field to create scoring opportunities. We drew a few direct kicks and, since we have girls who can dip the ball under the crossbar, we almost had a few goals off of a direct. We ended the first half with a shut out! A little over 21 minutes into the second half, we went down by 1 and then couldn't finish to tie up the game.

We see Weston again for our Senior Game (which will be at 6:00p or @ 4:00p, depending on the EEE situation). We know that we will need to challenge balls, combine up the field, and score early if we want to have a good Senior Night vs Weston in October!

#4: 9/11/2019 vs Bedford (home)

0-2 L

Bedford on Wednesday was our first league game. We had a very close chance of scoring in the first half off of a direct kick. Accomplishing our 15 minute goal, we held off Bedford from scoring until the 30th minute of the game, when they were able to get a goal off of a cross. Then, in the 40th minute (right before half-time) we allowed a girl in the middle to win the ball off of our keeper's punt; we fouled at about 25yds out and Bedford scored off of the direct.

We were able to have more success defensively in the second half; the second half was a shut-out. Offensively, we had a few opportunities; however, we did not test Bedford's goalkeeper enough.

We see Bedford again on their field in October. Their field is more narrow than Falzone; this can work to our benefit if we improve on challenging every ball ROBUSTLY!

#3: 9/9/2019 vs Newton-South (away)

1-5 L

We started this game poorly. We seemed so stiff and discombobulated. We couldn't clear the ball out of the box and we had trouble transitioning to offense. Unfortunately, we went down 0-2 within the first 9 minutes of the game. We called a timeout to try to refocus.

We ended the half 0-4. At halftime, we discussed our issues and we made a plan to play a 4-4-2 in the second half. We also discussed that our first touch and our energy level were two easy fixes that could turn the game around. Our plan was to forget about the 4 goal deficit and just win the second half.

We played a different game in the second half! We controlled the field, we communicated, we got shots! We scored (Jenn Coates gets that goal in the books, and Christina LaFauci has the assist!). We also had three offside calls against us that--if we were a step or two more mindful--could have been breakaways; we had two corner kicks that were inches away from resulting in goals; and we hit the post. We ended up tying the second half 1-1. The feeling at the end of the game far surpassed the feeling at the beginning of the game. Let's carry that feeling to Wednesday!

#2: 9/6/2019 vs Lincoln-Sudbury (home)

0-3 L

One of our goals we created for this season is to not allow our opponents to score in the first 15 minutes of the half at least 25 times. We got on track with this goal in the LS games, holding LS off from scoring for 15 minutes in the first half (they scored 15 minutes and 27 seconds in). We then were able to hold off LS from scoring for the rest of the first half. Offensively, we had almost an equal amount of scoring opportunities as LS when we entered half time. This made for an exciting game to watch and a fun game to play!

Just shy of three minutes into the second half, LS scored. They also scored 25 minutes into the second half off of a direct kick from their goalkeeper. Down 0-3, the wind left our sails for a bit, but we were able to find more energy after getting the ball into our attacking third to create breakaway opportunities.

Overall, we were in this game! The score does not reflect how 'in it' we were, but--when we look back on LS this year--let's consider the chances we got, the saves we made, and the intensity we played with. Reflecting on that will help carry us forward in other games this season.

#1: 9/4/2019 vs Concord-Carlisle (away)

0-6 L

We opened the season with CC, a team that is in the DCL Large and went undefeated in their regular season last year. Coming into this game, we had a plan to stay tight on defense and eliminate scoring opportunities. At 9-minutes and 24-minutes, CC scored two goals. We ended the first half 0-2.

At half-time, we realized that--even though they had taken several corner kicks--we were defending corner kicks well: CC hadn't scored off of a corner. To continue this, we made a second half goal to not allow CC to score off of a corner.

In the second half, CC scored 5 minutes in, 7 minutes in, 21 minutes in, and 30 minutes in; offensively, we were not able to play balls past their defensive backs to create successful scoring opportunities. Nonetheless, we accomplished our goal of not letting CC score off of a corner.

This is the only time we will face CC this season. We will capitalize on the things we did well, such as communicating on defense and hustling until the final whistle.