Plympton School Library

School libraries teach students to find, evaluate and use good information, to function in a global society, and to read well--as literacy remains the means to becoming an informed and active citizen.

Welcome Back! September in the library

Schedule: We are building our library schedule this month. Check the Families Page to see when your child is scheduled to come into the library this year.

Interested in Volunteering? Come to our volunteer coffee on Thursday, Sept. 123 at 8:30 a.m. or read about volunteering on our Families Page for information.

Africa Experts! The library is helping to identify students and parents with expertise about an African country. If your family is of African descent, or you have traveled to Africa, let us know this month!

Check out our library commercial!


Ms. Paradis is excited to launch the Waltham Children's Book Award this fall with new books donated through a grant from the Waltham Educational Enrichment Fund!

Find out about the WCBA here