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Junior House News!

Student of the TerM

Christian Juarez

"Christian is an outstanding student. He is always listening and taking notes even through class disruptions that may occur. In our shop. Christian holds himself to high standards and is always on task asking how else he can help if his work is caught up. It is with pleasure that I nominate Christian Juarez for student of the term. " - Mr. Charlie Rose

Maireni Milian Castro

"Maireni has been in the U.S. for less than a year and is making impressive progress with how quickly her English is developing. She moved up to ESL 2 after the start of the school year and is already one of the strongest students in the class. She is extremely motivated and studies on her own at home so that she can learn as much as possible. Maireni does her best with everything that she does and got straight A's in all her classes this quarter. " - Ms. Lynnzie Marinnacio
"She is a consistent hard worker in class. She eager to participate and is dedicated to improving her understanding by asking follow up questions and checking the accuracy of her expression of ideas in English. " Ms. Caitlin Siannissian