Ethics Training

Conflict of Interest Law

On July 1, 2009, Governor Patrick signed into law Chapter 28 of the Acts of 2009, which made sweeping changes to the Massachusetts conflict of interest law. The new law added subsections to MGL Chapter 268A, Sect 23. The new subsections will impact all municipal employees and Board and Committee members. The changes include:

The Bill requires that the city or town clerk of each municipality provide the summary of the law, as posted on the Commission website, to every municipal employee "within 30 days of becoming such an employee, and on an annual basis thereafter..."

Each municipal employee is required to sign a written acknowledgement that he has been provided with such a summary, and such written acknowledgement must be filed with the town clerk.

By April 2, 2010, and every 2 years thereafter, all current state, county and municipal employees must complete an online training program. Public employees hired after 12/28/09 must complete this training within 30 days of beginning public service, and every 2 years thereafter. The online training can be found at The employee must provide notice of completion to his or her appointing authority.