"A Participant-Driven Professional Learning Experience"

Walpole Public Schools Professional Development Day

Our Next EdCamp is scheduled for January 18, 2019 @ Walpole High School

More info to come Fall 2018!

What is ED CAMP?

  • “Participant-driven professional learning for themselves and others that accelerates student growth” (EdCamp Foundation, 2015)
  • Ownership: shift from professional development to personalized learning
  • Law of Two Feet; if the session is not meaningful/relevant to you, then you may go to another session; “Go where you can Grow”
  • Made up of collaborative sessions that are determined by the participants
  • Anyone can be a ‘facilitator’
  • A model that empowers teachers to choose and pursue their learning goals, and in turn, a model to empower students
  • Edcamp thrives on cheerful good will, mutual respect, and shared enthusiasm for education (EdCamp Foundation, 2015)
  • ED Camp Site

The Padlet site below is for sharing resources from the event. Click on the + under the session column to add a note on a topic. Please try and include the session name and or session presenter. The notes can contain links to websites, documents, images, videos and more!