Middle School

Research has indicated that students do not retain the understanding of concepts and skills, which have been learned during the school year, over the summer months unless they are reviewed and practiced. In order to maintain those skills, Walpole Public Schools provides the opportunity for students to maintain their learning.

Our middle school math teachers have collaborated to create a Summer Math Practice Packet that provides this review. The topics assigned for each grade reflect the most important concepts that were covered throughout the year at the student’s previous grade level. Students benefit from this summer review in order to prepare for the next grade level.

You may download the Summer Math packets for each grade level below. Printed packets are also available at the schools and in the Curriculum office at Town Hall.

In order to provide comprehensive review of the concepts while reducing the volume of worksheets, the teachers have developed multiple choice questions, short answer questions and open response questions. We strongly suggest that your child pace him/herself by completing some of the multiple choice questions, some short answer questions and one open response question each week. This practice can be done while traveling or during quiet time at home. This should not be a stressful activity, but a positive opportunity for children (and parents/guardians) to review basic math ideas. Students should return their completed math packets to their math teachers in September as the packet will be counted as part of the Term 1 grade.

As always, the Walpole Public Schools appreciates your high level of support for student learning and our efforts toward reaching our goals of academic achievement. We are available during the summer at the central office in Town Hall to assist with your questions.

Jean E. Kenney, Ed.D.

Assistant Superintendent

508-660-7200 x235


Rising 6th Grader

Summer Math-Entering6 (2017).pdf

Rising 7th Grader

Summer Math-Entering7 (2017).pdf

Rising 8th Grader

Summer Math-Entering8 (2017).pdf

Rising 9th Grader

Summer Math-Entering9 (2017).pdf