Special Education Services for Unenrolled Students

K-12 Special Education Evaluation for Unenrolled Students

Parents and legal guardians of children not enrolled in Walpole Public Schools must complete the online registration process for their school-aged children and provide copies of the student birth certificate, proof of Walpole residency, and health record to the Superintendent's Office.

Student registration is submitted via Family Connection, our online registration system. If your child is being evaluated for Special Education services please contact the Superintendent's Office at 508.660.7200 prior to creating an account and completing the form.

Create a Family Connection log in and sign in.

  1. Complete all requested information in the online registration form. (Don't forget to click "Submit" when done.)

2. Visit the Superintendent's Office and present the student original birth certificate, proof of residency, health history and health records including immunization records.

Note: if your child has previously received special education services in another district, a copy of the student IEP should be submitted along with the aforementioned documents. Call Student Services at 508.660.7200 for further details.

The Walpole Public Schools looks to locate and identify any child who may be in need of special education services.

Children between the ages of 3 and 22 (unless a high school diploma has been awarded) may be eligible for such assistance. Upon completion of a thorough evaluation a child will be found eligible for special education if:

1. The child has a documented disability


2. The child is not making effective progress in the regular education program


3. The child requires specialized instruction to make educational progress.

Walpole resident students enrolled in private schools or who have left school without a diploma may be eligible.

For additional information please call the Student Services Office at 508-660-7200.

For concerns regarding young children (ages 3 through age 5) screening appointments may be made by calling:

508-660-7374 Ext. 5681