Wall ISD

New Elementary

Welcome to the "Wall ISD New Elementary" website. Over the next year or so we will use this website to make every effort to keep you informed on the progress of our new elementary school building funded by the bond issue passed in May 2016.

From mid-May to July 21st the district was involved in the issuance and sale of the bonds. On July 26th the bonds were sold to BOSC Inc. and Raymond James and Associates at a historically low interest rate of 3.1529%. This interest rate helped to decrease the overall I&S tax rate, originally estimated from 31 to 34 cents, to 27.8 cents per $100 evaluation. Below is a historical history of interest rates for the past 35 years.

Beginning in early June the board and administration began the process of finalizing the overall plans for the new elementary. This process included work with MWM Architects (Lubbock, Texas), Lee Lewis Construction (construction managers at risk)(Lubbock,Texas), SKG Engineering, LLC (San Angelo, Texas), and Agnew Associates, INC. (Lubbock, Texas) (Mechanical and Electrical Consulting Engineers). Initial site plans have taken on a new appearance in order to address the following issues:

  • Original preliminary TXDOT approval for access to US Highway 87 was denied due to several issues so a new traffic plan needed to be devised. Access to US Highway 87 will be revisited at a later date, so for now public access to the new elementary will be directed to Loop 570. A new site map is located by clicking on "SITE PLAN".
  • Changing public access to the campus created new issues when dealing with site drainage. In the site plan we have incorporated methods to take runoff and hold it temporarily and allow for slowing the flow of drainage form the campus site.
  • Site plan changes made it more important for the district to pursue the purchase of the oil well that currently exists on the site of the new elementary. Once purchased the district could proceed with the removal and capping of the well. Wall ISD is currently in the final stages of purchasing the well for $70,000. The purchase includes the removal of all equipment and the plugging of the well under TCEQ and the Texas Railroad Commission requirements.
  • During the summer the school board and administration made trips to Midland, Snyder, San Angelo and Merkel to visit new elementary schools built in the last year. These visits gave us much insight into the current methods and products used in the construction of schools.
  • One of the most important decisions was the choice of a heating and air conditioning system that would best serve the district. Due to the fact that HVAC drawings are complicated and have a direct affect on other mechanical drawings the need to make a final decision on the type of HVAC system must be made prior to the bid process. The decision of the district was based on the initial cost, rebates from AEP, payback on energy efficiency, number of units to handle HVAC, and the safety of securing units outside of building. The decision was to go with a VRF System.
  • Considerable changes were made concerning the cafeteria/gym area. Changes were made to improve the flow of students from classroom to cafeteria to playground. Adequate sizing of the cafeteria to handle all students was important. Designing the gym to be multi-purpose and to have restroom accessibility was key to the final decisions. To see additional drawings go to the "SITE PLAN" page.

As of this posting, we feel that we are ready for the architects and engineers to put together the final drawings. The process for completing the final documents is proposed for early February. The bid process would follow shortly and construction is slated to begin in March.

As new nformation arises we will post to this website. For questions feel free to contact Russell Dacy, 651-7790, russell.dacy@wallisd.net or Walter Holik Jr., 234-6724, walter.holik@wallisd.net.