Chattanooga Valley Eagle

Fifth Grade Literacy with Mrs. Aldridge

Welcome to Fifth Grade English Language Arts class at Chattanooga Valley Elementary School. I am your teacher, Laura Aldridge. English Language Arts is an exciting subject in fifth grade, one that will challenge and stretch you to move beyond learning to read and write to the idea of reading and writing to learn.

Literacy, by definition from Merriam Webster, is the ability to read and write. It is a term that in itself seems gray and mundane, literacy. However, when I read the word, I see magic! I see exploration into worlds beyond our own through the eyes of book characters. I see exotic encounters had from the comfort of a rug on the floor. I see students building empathy for others by having shared experiences with people from the imaginary to the realistic. And then, because of these explorations, encounters, and experiences, students can share their thoughts and reactions with others through writing. And it can be a variety of writing! Brochures, websites, videos, theaters, poetry, blogs, articles, essays, journal entries, graphic writings, you name it! I venture to extend the idea of literacy to not only include the ability to read and write, but to read and write about life and how it relates to your student. Then, to give your student a chance to share their voice with their world. That is when it becomes magical!