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This section of our website gives information about Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) at Walker Technology College.

What is CEIAG?

CEIAG stands for Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance.

Here at Walker, CEIAG is increasingly becoming embedded into the curriculum and culture of education within College as we recognise the important contribution it makes to supporting the successful transition between the both childhood to adulthood and education to employment. CEIAG is embedded in all parts of the curriculum, and also involves various events, experiences and visits.

Careers @ WTC -

CEIAG at Walker Technology College

Students have careers education in Year 8 SMSC lessons. This continues in Years 9 and 11 with designated time during form time where they are supported by their tutors to complete CEIAG activities. Year 10 take part in 'Building my Skills', with the winners having mock interviews in June.

Post-16 students have their own bespoke provision, coordinated by Sixth Form form tutors. Activities involve work experience, talks, course application support, CV writing and many other events. The College works with local universities and business partners to ensure wide-ranging provision.

Students have access to a wide selection of free online resources via their College website; ThePortal@Walker.

All staff can offer support, but specific advice can be accessed via Year Leaders, the Sixth Form staff, Connexions and Miss Butler (Careers Leader).

■ For further details about Connexions or to obtain their contact information, click HERE to visit their website.

■ To contact Miss Butler (Careers Leader) with a question or to arrange a meeting, please complete the form found HERE.

Individual careers guidance interviews are available from Connexions.

Three days per week we have two members of the Connexions team, Marie and Denise, that hold one-to-one meetings with the students.

Alternatively, students can contact Connexions directly by using their contact details found HERE.


The Gatsby benchmarks are at the heart of CEIAG provision at Walker Technology College. They are eight benchmarks covering different dimensions of good career curriculum.

Information about the Gatsby benchmarks can be found HERE.

Careers Advice for Parents

This is an online website designed to give you, as parents, an easy to read overview of all the essential facts on finding jobs and apprenticeships or choosing further and higher education courses which could make a real difference to your child's future career prospects. To link to the Careers Advice for Parents website, please click HERE.

A fantastic online careers learning tool that is designed to enable young people to make excellent choices about their futures.

Once registered, students can create a personalised profile and the system will generate matching job suggestions. This can then help them map an educational pathway to their dream career.

Click the titles below to view our letter to parents and our guide of how to register.

Careers Policies

Walker Technology has clear guidance and policy relating to our Careers Guidance. Click on the titles below to access our College policies, relating to CEIAG.

Careers Calendar of Main Activities and Events

We review these policies annually, and adapt our programmes accordingly.

The impact of the programme is measured using the whole school evaluation systems, by using Compass to map against the benchmarks, by parent, teacher and student voice and by the destination data of our students.

Careers Calendar of Main Activities and Events

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