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Animal Acupressure

Hi, my name is Maya and I studied animal acupressure for my eighth grade project. I worked for several months with my mentor Dr Lisa, an animal acupuncturist and veterinarian who introduced me to the basics of animal acupressure and taught me how the meridians and pressure points affect the animal’s body. Animal acupressure is a part of a healing technique that follows traditional Chinese medicine ways, which I studied as well throughout my process.

sabina ancira

Mural Painting

My name is Sabina and for my 8th Grade Project I painted a Mural. I worked with my mentor for a couple of months to create a Mural I can see everyday when I drive through City Heights! I learned a lot about the process of making a Mural and the hardwork and effort that goes into making such a large scale painting. Fortunately, my project went very smoothly but was delayed due to rain and the on-going pandemic but I'm very happy with how it went. Through this experience I learned how to properly use materials and how to add texture to create life-like paintings. I absolutely enjoyed this project and see it as a big milestone in my life.


Nature in Miniature: An Ancient Chinese Art Form

For my project, I learned about the Chinese practice of constructing miniature landscapes. I worked throughout the school year with my mentor to visit Asian gardens and develop a sense of their traditional design and aesthetic. I learned about what is needed to keep plants alive with little soil and foliage, and how to cultivate different mosses and plants. This project also provided me with the opportunity to practice patience and to experience the importance of process over output.


Organic Skin Care

My name is Malia and for my 8th grade project I learned how to make organic skin care. I worked with my mentor for about three months to create 3 simple skincare products that have all organic ingredients. I learned a lot about traditional skincare and how ancient people used them and also about how to make my own. There were some obstacles along the way, it was really frustrating but I never gave up. This project has taught me a lot of things and i think it was a really good experience for me.


Writing a Novella

My name is Maddie, and for my 8th Grade Project I wrote a novella. I worked with a mentor to develop and write a novel about a pair of friends on a fantasy adventure. I hope to someday share it with the community. I spent hours writing the first draft and even more time editing it, especially when I felt the need to add or delete scenes. During this project I discovered how long and how much effort it takes to write a story, even a short one, which helped me gain a further appreciation of authors.


Feel free to share with family and friends but respect student privacy by not posting recordings in their entirety onto public platforms.


Irish Dance Choreography

My name is Sarah and for my 8th grade project, I learned how to choreograph an Irish dance routine. I worked with my mentors in my dance studio for three months on a dance for a younger class as well as a step for my championship class. I learned a lot of skills and techniques used in creating an Irish dance routine. There were a few bumps along the way, but I found that perseverance and focus always work in tight situations. Throughout the process of my project, I overcame a lot of barricades in my dancing skills!

matias delso

Cooking from Around the World

My name is Matias Delso and for my 8th grade project I choose cooking food from around the world. Cooking is not just making food it is an art and science that is very fun. With cooking I can get creative and have fun, try new things and at the same time i am learning something that will be useful in the future.



My name is Siobhan and for my 8th grade project I researched fashion and the history of fashion design. I worked with my amazing mentor, Ms. Lynzie, to make a dress. Unfortunately, due to quarantine, I was not able to achieve everything I intended to do, such as create a pattern and construct a jumpsuit, but I still really enjoyed this project. I have used my free-time upcycling and repurposing clothing items with my new sewing abilities. Throughout this project, I learned many new skills that have helped me and will continue to help me as I pursue other interests.

teagan haskett

Positive Reinforcement Training and Equine Body Language

My name is Teagan and for my eighth-grade project, I learned the process of training with Positive Reinforcement and fluently reading Equine Body Language. I worked with a horse at least once a week and was taught the basic methods of horse training by my mentor. I then tweaked how to train my own individual horse based on his temperament and personality. I went through many trials and tribulations during my process and eventually learned how to adapt and react to a multitude of stressful situations.

leela graves

Raising Alpacas

My name is Leela. I love animals so for my eighth grade project I raised Alpacas. For the first month my mentor and I worked on training them and preparing my house for them to arrive. I learned about what Alpacas eat,when to shear them and how to act around them. There were a few setbacks at different times but I gained more patience in the process. Throughout this project I got to learn new things and spend lots of time with Alpacas.

FRIDAY | MAY 8TH, 2020

Feel free to share with family and friends but respect student privacy by not posting recordings in their entirety onto public platforms.

SVEN frutiger

Tai Chi Self Defense

My name is Sven and for my 8th grade project I learned how to defend myself without using force. I took a weekly class in a Tai Chi centre for 5 months and met with my mentor Henry Cheng. I learned about the history of Tai Chi and Tai Chi self defence. There were many challenges along the way, but I learned how to be patient and overcome anxiety. Throughout this project I got to know a new culture and made lots of new friends performing Tai Chi in front of an audience.

grace preston

Photography and Making a Website

I admire the way photojournalists tell stories through pictures, and my eighth-grade project is showing my favorite photography methods and skills that I learned over the school year. Working with my mentor and volunteering with Outside the Lens, an organization that provides media arts classes to children who do not have a program at their school, I learned editing, lighting, filters, and points of view, and I share my journey growing as a photographer on the website that I created to show my work. In the end, I wanted to tell a story through photos like a photojournalist but I found out that I had so much to learn about the basics of photography that I started at the very beginning, by learning how to use a camera.

Astrele Khalsa

Tutoring Refugees in San Diego

To take the time and effort to truly help someone is a beautiful thing, and at San Diego Refugee Tutoring (SDRT) they are able to accomplish just that. Over the course of my eighth grade year I have been lucky and privileged enough to take part in volunteering within the SDRT community, where I tutored a refugee student named Grace, helping her with her homework and building a comfortable relationship with one another. The focus of the San Diego Refugee Tutoring is to create personalized lessons for the kids to help them grow within the subjects that they lack in. Working with this organization, that is so kind, loving, and dedicated to their students to give them the foundation to achieve their goals, I have honestly found myself filled with gratitude for having worked with Grace (for as long as could before the quarantine) and for being a part of this wonderful community.

sonoma manocchio

Song Composition and Playing the Piano

My name is Sonoma and for my 8th Grade Project I learned how to compose a song and how to play it on the piano. I worked in one of the school classrooms for 4 months with a mentor to try and create my melody. I did not complete my melody because I never achieved full happiness with how it came out. I learned a lot about the what you need to construct a melody. There were a few bigger issues as I learned to play the piano, but my mentor taught me tricks to deal with the difficulties that helped immensely! I had no knowledge of playing the piano before starting this project so I’m really proud of myself for learning and never fully giving up on it.

lucia del Rio

Placemaking: Reclaiming Urban Spaces

My name is Lucia del Río and for my 8th grade project I studied placemaking. Placemaking is the process of planning, designing and managing public spaces to maximize their use and enhance social interaction. It combines art, design and urbanism; and is highly important to streetlife culture. For the physical aspect of my project I planned to create a small park in the place of a parking space, called a “parklet.” I overcame many obstacles during this project. With the help of my mentor I learned many things from this amazing experience.

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